Service to the cause of humanity had always been the cherished desire and dream of our honorable Managing Director since his childhood. With this mindset, he started helping the “Have nots” from his savings in a sporadic way. This spirit was institutionalized in the name and style “SEL charitable Foundation” that dates back in 2009. The foundation under the close supervision of our Managing Director is functioning in a very smooth and meticulous way since its inception.

The main activities of the Foundation include financial, moral and ethical assistance to the poor mass of the society. The avenues involved in this curriculum are stipends to poor meritorious students at all level, medical aid, stand beside disaster victims and rehabilitate them with all support. Infrastructure development of educational institute, build and operate children school, producing volunteers for social service e.g. green/clean environment and encourage rural poors to keep aloof from interest based activities.

SEL MD is very much vocal about our education system. He believes that “only a good person can produce a good product or provide good service to the society. So, the ultimate objective of our education system should be to make good people which can be achieved only through value based education. The foundation is arranging training program, seminars and exchange of views with teachers and students to achieve the goal.

SEL charitable foundation is operating a “PATIENT CARE HOME” in Dhaka. The objective of this is to help the ailing poor patients with all medical support including admission in hospital, if needed.

Foundation is also engaged in activities beneficial to the welfare of human being. These includes marriage of poor girls, repairing/constructing mosque, road, deep tube well, graveyard etc. Winter clothes and improved food during festival is distributed every year to the poor people.

With a view to ensure poverty free sustainable community and assist brush aside interest fobia from the conscious of the poor people, SEL is sponsoring a project named “JEEBIKA” in collaboration with Center for Zakat Management. The project will help 300 poor/ultra poor families to stand on their feet through sustainable community development.