1: How many projects does SEL have and where are these located?

SEL has more than 200 projects.
SEL has undertaken projects mainly in Dhaka. The areas where SEL currently has projects are : Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Elephant Road, Mohakhali, Indira Road, Eskaton, Zigatola, Lalmatia, Green Road, Central Road, Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Mirpur, Pallabi, Shenpara, Niketon, Uttara, Paltan, Garden Road, Bashundhara, Lalbagh, Malibagh, Khilgaon, Bara Maghbazar, Nakhalpara, K M Das Lane.
Besides, SEL has also undertaken projects in Comilla, Khulna, Chittagong and Bogra.


2: What are the criterions for choosing a project location?

The locations of our projects are selected on the basis of the requirements of our prospective and existing clients.


3: How many storeys are there in one building?

The number of storeys vary from 6 to 16, depending on the location and measure of land.


4: How many apartments are there in an apartment building?

When deciding upon the number of apartments in any given project two factors are generally given priority - the best utilization of space within restrictions provided by 'Imarat Nirman Bidhimala' and National Building Code and the maximum benefit to the purchaser, the Company and the Landowner in all respects.
The moderate sized plots and the exclusive projects have one, two or even three apartments on each floor, whereas the large scale projects with a modest price tag are made up of two, three or four blocks of apartments with no more than four or five apartments on each floor of each block.


5: Of what sizes are the apartments?

Apartment sizes vary according to the project location and as per requirement of the client base. The smallest are close to 1000 sft., while the larger apartments might measure around 4000 sft.


6: What is the number of rooms and how are these arranged?

In addition to spacious living and dining accommodations, the larger apartments have 3 or 4 bed-rooms and usually have a separate family living facility and servant's room with toilet; while the smaller apartments are of 2 or 3 bed rooms. Even in the smaller apartments, we try to accommodate servant's room with toilet. There are usually a proportionate number of bathrooms and verandahs in suitable locations. Proper ventilation, maximum usage of natural light, exposure to scenic view - these factors are given highest priority while designing the units.


7: What general facilities are provided for the projects?

According to the size, situation and requirement of the project, the following amenities are installed :

  1. 01 or 02 8-(eight) person VVVF list (from internationally renowned manufacturer) is provided.
  2. 01 Standby Diesel Generator (with residential type silencer, sound canopy & ATS) is provided to backup lift, water pump, intercom system, staircase & parking lighting and to supply 1-KW Power to each apartment to support all lights, all fans and one power point for T.V.
  3. 01 Electric Water Pump (Pedrollo/SAER) and 01 standby Pump (Pedrollo/SAER) with auto start system are provided.
  4. Adequate fire fighting equipment and fire escapes are provided in every project.


8: What is the price of an apartment and what is the mode of payment?

Our units are priced at a very reasonable rate and the payment mode is kept flexible to accommodate the purchasers. Payment mode is devised upon mutual discussion between the parties. Our units are fixed priced, the rate being revised periodically. This means that with the passage of time, the price of a apartment is revised in keeping with the existing market rate. However, there is provision for discount on any advance payment of installment.
The price of the car parking space is not included in the apartment price.


9: What Construction/core materials (Rod, cement, sand etc.) are used?

The construction/core materials we use for our projects are of standard quality:

  1. All 40/60 grade M.S. deformed bar.
  2. Stone chips/Volagonj stone shingle/Picked jhama brick chips.
  3. Coarse sand for concreting & medium sand for plastering.
  4. Concrete mix proportion 1:1.5:3 or 1:2:4 (as per design requirement).
All construction/core materials are tested independently by BUET and/or the University of Asia Pacific.


10: What Finishing materials (fittings, fixtures, tiles etc.) are used?

We provide standard finishing items and fittings/fixtures; these include:

  1. Apartment floor: Homogeneous tiles (RAK/CBC/Mir or equivalent).*
  2. Bathroom and kitchen: Glazed tiles on walls and wall matching homogeneous/glazed tiles on floor.*
  3. Exterior wall paint: Weather coat paint of Berger Robbialac/Aqua/Asian paint or equivalent of elegant color.
  4. Interior wall paint: Plastic emulsion paint of Berger Robbialac/Aqua/Asian Paints or equivalent of elegant color.*
*Items of personal choice maybe installed/used upon payment of difference from the cost of materials provided by us.


11: What kind of neighbors can one expect to have?

Purchasers and landowners alike are quite particular about the people who are buying apartments in the project, about who their neighbors are going to be. To ensure harmonious we employ discernment in selecting clients.


12: Can one do anything about the interior layout?

Up to a certain limit, internal changes which do not affect the overall aesthetics and stability of the building(s) are accommodated as per the clients' choice.


13: What level of security one might expect to have?

Ground Floor is provided with secured, attractive gateway and secured boundary wall with security grill (where required).


14: Is the schedule for completion observed rigorously?

One of our distinctive features is the handing over of completed projects within scheduled time. In some cases, we have even brought handover dates in advance of the schedule.


15: What about financial assistance?

We provide clients with all necessary information regarding financial assistance and give them all the help they need in applying for loans from any financial institutions they might want to patronize. Usually, local clients get upto 50% of the flat price as loan, whereas expatriate purchasers might be granted upto 70% loan. However, approval of loan depends on clients' credit profile.


16: What other expenses might one expect to incur during purchase?

VAT, Registration expenses, utility connection expenses, transfer expenses (where applicable). Details furnished upon request.


17: Do I get a share of the land?

At the time of registration, a proportionate share of the land is registered in the name of the purchaser in addition to the purchased unit.


18: What is the Apartment Owners' Association and what does it do?

We help set up an Association of the owners of the apartments so that the maintenance of the building can be carried out effectively after handover of the project. We take care of the maintenance for the first 3 months of project handover at expense to the Owners' Association. A fee for the Association is collected from each purchaser before handover of the project in order to get things started.


20: What about After Sales Service?

We provide 1 (one) year After Sales Service free of charge, this includes replacement of damaged items and labour cost. After the first year, we provide the same services but at cost to the Owners' Association or the individual purchaser, depending upon the kind of work involved. Even then, only the cost of materials is charged to the Association and/or the individual; no labor cost is charged.


21: What is Mutation? What kind of taxes does purchase entail?

Clients are provided with mutation and taxation details on request. These are explained to them thoroughly and clearly and any help regarding these are provided if required. Service is provided free of charge, only the cost required for official formalities to be provided by clients.


22: What about Building aesthetics?

Building aesthetics is one of the priorities and clients ask who the architects and structural designers are and usually inquire about their credentials.


23: What's in it for the landowners?

Landowners are offered a combination of financial incentive and a ownership of a certain percentage of the total number of apartments in joint-venture projects. The cash benefits (signing money, monthly rent etc.) are disbursed in accordance with the dictates of the landowners and as per their requirement. We are also conscientious about making firm commitment regarding compensation and liability. While disbursing cash benefits to the landowners our services are prompt and efficient. We also arrange for the sale of landowners' share of apartments if required by them. A certain percentage of the sale proceeds is charged to the landowners for services rendered. Services include negotiating with purchasers, collecting payment, getting apartments registered in the new owners' names etc.


24: Are the Project Plans approved by the relevant authorities?

We do not go for marketing or construction of any project until that project is duly approved by concerned authority like RAJUK, KDA, CDA.